Private Equity



Investment strategy: Private equity

Investment style: Influential minority stakes with managerial impact.

Target Region: Africa. 70-80% Sub-Saharan Africa and 20-30% North Africa.

Target sectors: Food and related industries

Fund structure: Luxembourg Societe Anonyme (SICAR)

Investing in the rise of the African consumer

The Silk Africa Food Fund

The Silk Private Equity Food Fund actively engages in direct equity investments within the consumer market across Africa, with a primary focus on the food and beverage sector. While our primary emphasis lies in this domain, we also maintain the flexibility to explore other promising consumer-related investments.

Serving as our flagship private equity fund, the Silk Africa Food Fund specialises in investing in successful African food companies. The fund’s objective is to facilitate these companies in achieving the necessary scale to meet the demands and capitalise on the rapid growth of the consumer market across the African continent.

Notably, it stands as the sole Africa-focused private equity fund exclusively dedicated to the B2C food sector.
Unlike investments in agriculture or other sectors at the top of the value chain, our strategy revolves around businesses offering value-added food products directly to the consumer market. Our investment targets typically include scalable food and beverage companies and retail outlets.

Our operational footprint is predominantly in countries with large populations, as these present the most significant opportunity set. Additionally, there exists a direct correlation between the population size of a country and the magnitude of its economy.


Sundry Foods Limited

Sundry Foods stands as a distinguished food services provider in Nigeria, recognized for its excellence in the industry. Operating a network of quick-service restaurants across the country, including prominent locations in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, and various other Nigerian cities, our commitment to quality and service is unwavering. Under the renowned brand name “Kilimanjaro,” Sundry Foods has emerged as a market leader, setting industry standards in the sector. Our innovative approach involves combining traditional Nigerian cuisine with Western fast food, creating a unique and appealing fast-food concept tailored to the rapidly expanding middle-class market. We take pride in our dedication to delivering an exceptional culinary experience, blending the rich flavors of Nigerian cuisine with the convenience and pace of Western fast food.



Established in 1999, NAS Foods is a prominent Ethiopian biscuit manufacturer with its headquarters in Addis Ababa. Continually employing over 670 individuals, the company takes pride in its extensive range of biscuits tailored to various income segments within Ethiopia. These high-quality products are distributed nationwide. Distinguished as the pioneer in Ethiopia, NAS Foods is the first company to produce and distribute a diverse range of international standard biscuits. The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in its utilization of the latest technology, sourced from Italy, France, and Turkey. NAS Foods Plc envisions a long-term commitment to enhancing consumer tastes and preferences, aiming to meet the evolving demands of the food industry.


El Rashidy El Asly

A well-established Cairo-based confectionery firm, REMD, specializes in the production of halawa and tahina—integral components of the Egyptian staple diet. In addition to these traditional offerings, the company crafts a diverse range of products, including biscuits, chocolate spread, and various sweet delicacies. With roots dating back to 1888, REMD has not only stood the test of time but has also evolved into a cherished household brand across Egypt.
Founded in 1888, REMD continues to uphold a foundation built on core values of integrity, quality, innovation, and mutual respect, coupled with a steadfast commitment to the community. Notably, the company holds the distinction of being the first to introduce the chocolate-coated wafer to the Egyptian market. REMD is a testament to our enduring commitment to private equity investments, standing as our longest-standing venture in this sector.

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