Our Philosophy


Global demographics will play an increasingly important role in both economic and investment terms – aging populations in most developed and some emerging markets, and young and growing populations in most frontier and emerging markets – will bring both challenges and opportunities for companies and investors. Many allocators are grossly underestimating the upcoming shift in demographics and its implications. Silk Invest has focused on the theme since its launch and believes that local consumers, immigration, remittances and labour productivity are important factors contributing to the growth and sustainability of the local economies. The consumer opportunity is one of the most attractive and enduring, long-term investment themes in the frontier and emerging markets.


Silk Invest is an investment specialist defined by the diversity of its employees who hail from over ten different countries and who, individually and collectively, share the belief that frontier and emerging markets offer a great opportunities. Our culture promotes teamwork, communication, commitment, and respect. For Silk Invest “Diversity” is not a goal but part of its DNA. The company has been built around team members from different countries who share the same vision of a converging world while recognising that in a period of profound geopolitical tensions, information is best sourced by local people with a deep understanding of the markets they operate in. Beyond culture, the team draws from a unique set of backgrounds and career paths.

A Distinctive Perspective

Silk Invest has a distinct perspective and deep experience in emerging and frontier markets that comes from its team of investment professionals’ specialist knowledge and long track records in their respective local markets.
Over the past two decades, emerging and frontier markets have become increasingly relevant in the global economy. Despite the increased attention to emerging and frontier markets, they largely remain inefficient and under-researched.
Our investment managers and local analysts not only have regular access to their universe of companies, but they also understand how non-investment factors such as unexpected management changes or shifts in the political landscape may affect a company’s growth. Silk Invest’s strategy is to invest in companies that are local champions with the potential to be regional or global leaders.


Silk Invest believes that technological change has been a key driver of growth in the last 30 years and that technology’s impact will only accelerate going forward. Improvements in IT infrastructure, the increasing importance of web-based services, and the wider accessibility of digital technology are unlocking new opportunities for corporates in our universe and will enable many emerging and frontier markets to accelerate their growth. Technology has played a pivotal role in enabling the adoption of innovative investment strategies, including factor-based investing, aimed at achieving superior risk-adjusted returns. In summary, technology has dynamically reshaped the operational landscape of Silk Invest, leading to optimised operations and improved decision-making processes. Looking ahead, the ongoing integration of advanced technologies is poised to drive further transformation within Silk Invest in the coming years.